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Du har nu klivit in på min allra första helsvenska hemsida.

Sidan är tänkt att spegla vem jag är & vad jag har pysslat med genom åren,
och även ge en slags vy av vad jag gör idag.

Har Du frågor, funderingar
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You have just entered my very first totally home made web page.

It's meant to give you an idea of who I am & what I've been up to through the years while also spreading some light over what/who I am today.

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A True Story

It all happened when I was 17 years old!!! (the year must've been  -74) In a hotel that I played at..

There was these two couple, or actually it was a whole bunch of people in the same elevator as me... I had an very successful drumsolo that night, so some of them gave me compliments for that & wondered if I wanted to join them over a Scotch in their room.

I accepted with no hesitation, thought I could use some relaxation after a hard nights workin’.
And besides, it didn’t happened too often  an ”adult” offered me whisky.

The room was a small single room, with just one bed. And apart from a little table with two chairs,
a lazyboy chair & a TV there was nothing else, as far as I can remember.

Pierre, the guy that’d rented this room was a travellin’ salesman from France and had met this voluptious brunette called Monica, at the dancefloor in the club where I played. (my first job as an professional musician)
Monica (25-30 yrs. old) was  married to a guy who spent most of the time working far away from home, so I guess she was kinda’ bored of being alone at home so much.

Her best friend Cecilia, about the same age, was blond & a bit tinier, and had her husband with her this evening. There was also this middleaged woman, who I imagime acted as chaffeur.

After a few drinks and an hour or two,  Cecilia’s husband started to complain about the time running away, and that he had to get up early the next day.
I don’t blame him, he was working as a school teacher and needed his sleep.
But Cecilia didn’t feel like leaving just yet, she enjoyed the conversation & the drinks, and seemed to have a really great time.
And so did Monica, she sat on the bed very close to Pierre, and seemed to enjoy his nearness very much...

So after another half an hour or so, Cecilias husband got up and said to the middleaged woman: ”I really need to get home”...
He  looked at his wife with the: are you comimg or not?-look on his face...
But Cecilia refused to get up, for some reason...
Up to that moment, I had been sitting there with my whisky, almost quiet and just enjoying all the small talk. Practicing my school English every now and then, when Pierre asked me something, or anybody else for that matter. We kept the conversation in English since nobody spoke French, exept Cecilia’s husband, but he only wanted to go home..

I looked at Cecilia and wondered what was going on inside that pretty little head of her....
So finally her husband got up and said: ”OK, enough is enough... We’re leaving”!
But then Cecilia said: ”Wait”!
And he replied: ”Look I’ve been waiting now for the last 45 minutes”!!    ”We’re going down to the car, and we’ll wait there for 5 minutes......”

The moment the door slammed behind them Pierre swiched the lights off, and for a while the room was filled with darkness, and the sounds from Monica’s heavy breathing along with the sound of clothes pulling off.
After a minute or so, when my eyes had adjusted to the very little light that the shades at the window let through, from the streetlight just outside. I could see Peirre’s half naked body, on top of Monica’s, still in her clothes but with her long darkbrown velvet skirt pulled up to her hips.

I looked at Cecilia again, she was sittin’ on the other side of the little table where I sat just by the window. She looked sad, and a bit confused, I think.
I imagined she wondered, how her husband could leave her just like that...
So when I leaned over to her and gently caressed her cheak, and was about to say something like: ”don’t worry babe, tomorrow everything’s going to be forgotten...” I noticed her cheek was wet.
She was silently crying, and for a moment I felt I should leave her alone...

But then, all of a sudden, she layed her arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionatly...
And I almost fell across that small table in between us, not so much from the strength that exploaded inside her trembling body, but from the total surprise I experienced right there and then!

She, as well as Monica, was dressed in a long velvet skirt (I think that fashion was called Midi in those days, very boring... especially after the previous years fasion Mini skirts) and ware a very thin white cotton blouse, that revealed a white lace bra.

Her crying had now turned into a heavy breathing as she raised and pulled her darkgreen velvet skirt up to her hips, in order to release her lower body from nylons & panties.
I just stood there like moron, for a long while, and couldn’t believe what was happening. From the bed I could hear, as well as see, why Monica sounded the way she did.
Still in her skirt, but pulled way up over her hips, her pale legs were pointing almost straight up in space and widly spreaded. With a total naked Pierre in between them pounding his rockhard dick into her pussy, stretching it to it’s limit it seemed, by the way she screamed. It was an extremly erousing sight, the whole room was trembling of erotic energy when I turned back to Cecila, to find that she was gone!!

”JUST MY TYPE OF LUCK” I thought to myself, when I felt a warm hand on my lower leg, coming in under my pants. ”GET OUT OF THOSE CLOTHES AND MAKE LOVE TO ME!!” I heard Cecilias voice from somewhere below me. I lowered my eyes down to the floor just in front of me, to find Cecilias opened arms and halfway spreaded legs.

I can’t remember how fast I got out of my clothes, but I’ll never forget the sound coming from her lips, as my bonehard dick entered her almost pouring wet and tight pussy.
She started to nibble my earlobe and stuck after a while her toungh into my ear, and I felt my erection growing even harder.

It couldn’t have taken many minutes, before I felt an explosion starting to grow down in my balls, and she must have felt that, cause I could soon feel retractions inside her pussy, squeezing my dick real tights as she whispered: ”I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come”... ”Don’t you dear pulling out now”... ”I’M COOOOOMING”!! she screamed.
God was I glad to hear that, cause at that moment I could feel my orgasm coming, all the way back from my spine, almost turning my balls outside in as I emptied it’s contence deep inside her vagina.

We just layed there tight in each others arms, for I don’t know how long... It felt like an eternity.
And I felt like swaying on clouds almost....

I gently caressed her hair kissing her neck and cheeks. I felt the taste of salt as she pulled her head away from me, trying to hide her tears from me.
I felt guilty taking advantage of her, she was after all married... When she cleared her voice and said with a tender smile: ”I’ve been married for over 14 years to my husband, and never ever have I had such an orgasm, as the one you just gave me”!
I leaned over and kissed her lips as I replied: ”It makes me glad to hear you say that... And proud,         cause I’ve only been with two girls before, in my entire life”.

Excuse me, I said as I smiled and got up on my feet, to go and wash myself in the bathroom.
I stayed there for a while, with the door halfway open hoping Cecilia should join me.. But when she didn’t, I decided after a while to go into the room again.

After switching off the light in the bathroom I stood in the doorway to the next room for about a minute or so, letting my eyes adjust to the almost dark room.
I saw the siluett of Pierre’s butt moving back and forth, penetrating Monica from behind over the chair by the window, where Cecilia sat earlier.
I remember thinking to myself: ”What a nice thing to do, letting me and Cecilia having the bed for a while”.
I looked to my left where the bed was located, expecting to find her there and got kinda’ surprised, finding the bed empty!!
But I could hear her voice... Suddenly I realized that her voice came somewhere from the window, and when I looked over there again I noticed, that Pierre was taking CECILIA from behind, and not Monica as I thought from the start. Now I was really confused....

But where the heck was Monica then? I asked myself as I rested my right hand on the doorknob...
And before I knew it, I felt her warm lips around the head of my dick.
When I lowered my eyes, I saw Monica crawling out from behind the door starting to caress my balls with one hand, and my behind with the other.

Just a few minutes ago I was convinced, that eventhough I’d had one of the most wonderful experiences in my life, I was done fore at least an hour or two. And here I was, with a new erection
coming on strong, very strong I might add.
I gently placed my hands on each side of Monicas head, and started to run my fingers through her thick dark hair, as she hungry suck my dick deep down her throut.
I suggested for us to take place in the empty bed, and so we did.

While Monica guided my erection in between her wide open legs, laying on her back in the bed, I was very busy squeezing her breasts. I tried to find out how to open her top, but decided after a few tries to give it up, afraid to ruin her blouse.
Instead I concentrated on enjoying the ”blow job” her pussy gave. Boy was she tight!!

All of a sudden I noticed Cecilia approaching the bed, with Pierre at her rear end.
At first I thought she was trying to pull us apart, in some stupid act to show some maleplaced jealousy. But then I realized she only tried to be helpful, showing me how to open Monicas blouse.
When shehad managed to release Monicas wonderful breast from their ”prison”, Cecilia surprised me again. By starting to lick and kiss Monicas breasts, sucking the nipples into her hungry mouth.

I could feel Monica’s orgasm coming closer and closer.
I on the other hand, felt like I could go on like this for ever...

Funny enough, Pierre and Monica came at the same time. I could hear Pierre trying to hold back the gutural sound, coming from the depth of in his throath, as he filled Cecilias inside with his French white and spunky seed.
Short after that, Cecilia’s lips left their grip around those erected nipples, and she started to breath heavier and shiver as a satisfied smile took place on her cute face.

Monica managed to cross her legs behind my back, as her body almost exploded with the eruption  that her orgasm took her through.

Suddenly I felt this tickle in the very bottom of my balls, revealing that my second orgasm, after all was on it’s way. I saw no reason to hold it back....

After some smalltalking over a straight Coke, I decided to go to my own room for some hours sleep
totally exhausted, but VERY satisfied...

             *SIGH, THOSE WERE THE DAY’S*